Master Skiing or snowboarding right in the heart of the city! A first in the equatorial city, Urban Ski features an innovative indoor rotating ski slope that caters to bothlearners and seasoned skiers and snowboarders. Skiers and snowboarders can improve and perfect theirtechnique on our sophisticated indoor revolving slope, without having to wait till ski season and travel to far-off lands.

We understand the pain and time required to learn how to effectively ski/snowboard but it is all worth it when you get to the top of the mountain and ski/snowboard across the different terrain. Feel more confident on the piste after a couple of basic lessons at Urban Ski. We can help escalate your progress so that you and your loved ones will get the most out of your ski vacation instead of being stuck at the bunny slopes.

At Urban Ski, we are not just committed to your learning progress. We ensure that the Urban Ski experience is fun, rewarding and safe.


  • Safe and controlled environment
  • Weather independent
  • Save time by not having to wait in line for chair lifts 
  • Learn in a safe and progressive manner
  • Refine ski/snowboard technique 
  • Reinforce muscle memory and develop effective habits
  • Intensive work-out to improve overall stamina and fitness