Andrew Boey Snowboard

Top snowboard tip

Like every other thing in life. Just put in the hours with the right practice to improve your precision of the fundamentals and most importantly learn from the right people!!


Level 1 CASI Snowboard Instructor


I started skiing since I was 2 years and by 14 years old decided to try snowboarding while I was in Soll, Austria and fell in love with it. Due to university and building my business, I took a long break and finally came back to the sport in 2011 where I started going to Niseko. Ever since then I make sure I go twice a year for at least 4 weeks per year of snowboarding time. Decided to take the instructor course in 2015 and have completed the Riding element of Level 2 CASI snowboard instructor. Aiming to complete the Teaching element in 2017/2018 winter season

Outside of snowboarding

Besides snowboarding, I focus on my Japanese Martial Arts in Iaido and Kendo. And growing my businesses and investments while traveling with my wife and two daugthers.

Favorite place to snowboard

Japan… anywhere in Japan is awesome. It’s a snowboarder’s paradise- loads of powder, great food, onsen to relax, and amazing people

David Murrie


David has taught and coached at ski resorts in Italy, Austria, France, Chile and Switzerland (including private lessons and instructor education in St Moritz) and also at artificial and indoor slopes in the UK.

He has taught children, adult beginners and intermediates extensively, plus has worked with Olympians and other elite performers.

David has skied all across Europe and North America. Heli-skied in Canada, Italy and New Zealand. Skied Chamonix's Vallee Blanche 'by moonlight' and been an off-piste guide for the Ski Club of Great Britain for many years.

He has the highest (Level 4) European Off-piste & Mountain Safety certification. Has Italian 'Maestro di sci' status and holds both the International Instructor (ISIA) and International race Coach (IVSI) certifications, as well as coaching licences in many other sports.

He is an experienced coach educator with the British and Irish Snowsports Associations, UK Sport, as well as Universities, British Athletics and with GB Snopros.

David is a former Physical Education teacher and a Sports Scientist, who previously worked in Singapore as a full-time coach at Singapore Sports School for sprinting and also helped a number of Singapore's Olympic swimmers including Tao Li and Joseph Schooling), in addition to teaching skiing at Snowcity.

He is the author of a number of articles and books, including 4 books on Snowsports and has presented at the World Congress for ski instructors. As head of sports science in universities, David' expertise is in the areas of performance analysis, knee & back injury screening, fitness and injury prevention.


ski instructor don


Level 1 APSI Alpine Ski Instructor


I was introduced to skiing at the age of 21 and got hooked to this addictive sport. The thrill and speed down the mountain is just absolutely breath-taking. Since then, I am always trying to improve my technique as well as making new discoveries while experimenting other techniques.

Top Ski Tip:

Practice and persevere, be open to learning. It will be a rewarding experience!

Outside of skiing:

Tennis, football, cue sports, traveling

Favourite place to ski:

Japan – great quality of powder snow & delicious food!

Li Wee


Level 2 CASI Snowboard Instructor


When I was 19, I skied for the first time in Whistler. Every year after that, I was making annual "pilgrim(s)" but it wasn't enough and I was always envious of the people who are able to spend the whole season snowboarding.
At 32, I decided to live the dream once; quit my job, got my CASI level 2 and worked as a part-time snowboard instructor in Niseko Village during the 11-12 winter season.

sk instructor ernest


‚ÄčLevel 1 APSI Ski Instructor


I started skiing in 2007 and I have been to Whistler Blackcomb in Canada, Furano, Kiroro, Tomamu and Niseko in Japan. I gained my level 1 certificate in Niseko, Japan at the age of 19.

Outside of Skiing

I’m a huge triathlon enthusiast and enjoy the adrenaline rush from it. I also play various ball sports such as Football and Floorball.

Favorite place to Ski

Niseko! It has the best quality of snow and always has heaps of snow, not to mention being able to have ramen at the top of the chairlift.

Shiela Ong


‚ÄčLevel 1 NZSIA Ski Instructor


I was introduced to skiing when I was ten, on a family trip to Germany. Since 2009, the sport has become a yearly affair for my family and I. I've since skied in various places in Japan, China, Switzerland and New Zealand. Taking a break from the daily grind of work, I trained to be a ski instructor at Mount Hutt, New Zealand, where I taught for a season before returning to Singapore.

Outside of Skiing

I am an early childhood educator by profession. I have a level two certification in rock-climbing, and sometimes find time for yoga and pilates.

ski instructor ludovic


Now a Singapore PR, I was a ski instructor at the Ecole de Glisse of Grenoble (France) for 3 years. I taught in Les 2 Alpes and Les 7 Laux.

Finished 2nd in dual slalom at the French Championship of the Universities in 2002. Also part of the 1st wave of instructors in freestyle in early 2000. Focus on skis and telemark.

Outside of skiing

Apart from skiing, I participate in runs (5km to marathon) and trails in Singapore and spends time with my family... Loves seeing my young daughters skiing as well!

Favorite place to ski

My favorite resort is La Clusaz in the French Alps (home of Candide Thovex - a legend in freestyle) and small skiing resorts in New Zealand

snowboard instructor funky t

Top snowboard tip

Look where you want to go! Qualifications CASI Level 1 Snowboard Instructor


Started snowboarding in Switzerland and Italy in 2011 and fell absolutely in love with the sport. Been riding in France, Korea and mostly Japan over the past 4 years and can't get enough of this strange thing called pow.

Other Profession

Wedding DJ (Founder of SG Wedding DJ), Club DJ (DJ Funky T), Durian Chopping Specialist, Juggler

Favourite Places to Snowboard

Niseko, Rusutsu & Myoko! Love the powder!!

ski instructor francis

Top ski tip

Stand up Mr Tony Knows (pronounce as Toe, Knee, Nose)


Level 3 APSI Telemark Ski Instructor ISIA

Level 2 APSI Alpine Ski Instructor

Level 2 APSI X-Country Ski Instructor


I have been instructing in Australia and Japan resorts back to back since 2007 and now mainly ski guiding in Japan.

Outside of skiing

Other than skiing, I enjoy outdoor activities such as rock climbing, mountain bike riding, roller blading or skydiving/wingsuiting.

Favourite place to ski

My favourite is telemarking skiing on a deeeeep powder day, in the hidden powder stashes of backcountry Niseko.

ski and snowboard instructor edz

‚ÄčOutside of snowboarding


Outside of skiing


Other Hobbies

Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013

Favorite place to ski & ride

Any where with abundant powder at $50 a shot for a full day pass

Top snowboard tip

Ride like there is no tomorrow

Top skiing tip

Ski like there are no riders


CASI Level 1 snowboard instructor

CSIA Level 1 ski instructor


It was back in 2000 on a highly intoxicated evening while living in UK when I first got on a snowboard as a forfeit for losing a bet. This strange experience of strapping both feet to a board and sliding down a slope on literally breakneck speed turns out to be the catalyst of my powder addiction. Coaching certifications on both ski and snowboard in 2005 firmly forged my lifelong addiction to a lifestyle sports most of my peers in the tropics can’t relate to. Had been pursuing the illusive white powder from up market Canada to outback China and down under Australia but nothing beats Japan for value and variety. Most snowsports enthusiasts will be spoiled for choice from Honshu to Hokkaido with personal favorites of Nozawa Onsen, Shiga Kogen and Niseko. Though I’m way passed my shelf life as a professional athlete, I’ve always been fantasizing flying the Singapore flag in a Boardercross.event. Am hopeful that what we do in Urban Ski provides the platform for some aspiring Singaporeans to live their dreams in the Winter Olympics.

ski instructor yuki ikeda


I begin my first ever ski experience at the age of 11, when I went for a winter vacation in japan and my friends persuaded me to pick up skiiing. From then on I had grew interest in skiing and have been going back to winter countries to ski yearly.

Outside Skiiing

A have intrest in multiple sports but have been sticking to Ten-pin bowling recently. Other sports like fencing, tennis and badminton.

Fav place to ski

I would have to agree like most people would say. NISEKO !! Definitely Niseko, one of the best place for soft fluffy snow. Good Food, Good Snow, Friendly People. :D

snowboard instructor lynn

Top snowboard tip

Look where you are going


Level 1 CASI snowboard instructor


I started snowboarding since 2010 and fell in love with it. Since then, it’s a few times per year trips to Niseko, Hakuba, Nozawa Onsen, and St Anton.

Outside of snowboarding

Outdoor yoga, a glass of wine by the pool, a book before I sleep

Favorite place to snowboard

Japan… anywhere in Japan is awesome. It’s a snowboarder’s paradise- loads of powder, great food, onsen to relax, and amazing people