Adult Ski Lessons

Urban Ski does provide Private Indoor Ski Lesson. This is when you can be the only skier on the revolving slope or in a personal group of 2 or as many as 4 persons. Private lesson is ideal if you are an anxious skier or have young children that you want to ski without any individual else on there with them.

On top of having to train at your very own pace with a personal touch, our instructors can committed their 1 hour concentrating on you and they could identify your level and work to your capability for faster progression. In our training facilities, our coaches will be inches away from your knee and ankles, they can see every angle of your spine and shoulders, and understand your learning style. Our company believe this is the very best way for our coaches to understand you. They will work with you hand in hand to bring you to your next level in no time.

Our personal indoor skiing lessons are constantly in high demand, so we highly advise you fix your lesson with us as early as possible to secure your preferable slot. You can examine all readily available slot on our calendar and lesson rates under our Rates. Or just call us now at (+65) 62380575 to fix your reservation.

We will be waiting for you in Urban Ski Singapore.


Benefits of taking a Beginner Private lesson

  1. Reinforces muscle memory
  2. Small class numbers
  3. Learn the basics to improve confidence
  4. Front bar to aid balance
  5. Speed can be controlled for safer and more progressive learning
  6. Instructors are able to bring the slope to a gradual stand still via a remote control if necessary, therefore minimising any risk of accidents

What you'll learn

  1. Learn about your boots and equipment
  2. Be comfortable walking in boots
  3. Be comfortable sliding on skis
  4. How to stop and control your speed
  5. How to get up from a fall
  6. Learn basic turns with varying sizes
  7. Develop confidence
  8. Correct stance and posture
  9. Be confortable with speed control
  10. Learn small directoral change
  11. Learn to make full turns

Benefits of taking a Intermediate Private lesson

  1. Reinforces muscle memory
  2. Mirror for immediate correction of posture
  3. Revolving slopes simulate endless ski runs, allowing intermediate students to get in realistic length ski runs
  4. Improves fitness and stamina
  5. Instructor close by for continual feedback
  6. Improve confidence, control and technique

What you'll learn

  1. Learn dynamic turns at higher speed
  2. Losing the snow plough
  3. Bringing skis to parallel in between turns
  4. Practice parallel turns
  5. Develop more aggressive and quicker turns
  6. Learn correct pole plant techniques

At an advanced level, the carpet demands a greater accuracy of technique. Advanced students can look forward to ski or snowboard more dynamically, with edge precision and rotational control

Individuals booking an advance private lesson may look forward to:

  1. Reinforcing muscle memory
  2. Improving fitness and stamina
  3. Refinement of technique.
  4. Skiing more dynamically, with edge precision and rotational control

What you'll learn

  1. Learn carving technique
  2. Practice varying turn size
  3. Freestyle