Wanting to learn snowboarding but you don't have any friends to tag along, you can join our public group indoor snowboard lessons. Our public group lessons are available for beginners to intermediate level and you will be grouped with other students of similar level. Class sizes are kept relatively small up to 6 for optimum learning. The group of 6 will be split into 2 separate group to take turns on the slope, approximately 30 minutes each students. Make new friends along the way and share your experiences together to speed up the learning curve. Who knows, perhaps you could form your own private class in future. We would not recommended advance level students to take up public group but private lesson instead as such classes are more intensive and fast paced. You definitely requires smaller group settings or personalized coaching to bring you to the next level.

More information about public class:

  1. To find out which level you are at, please access our Snowboard Progression Guide
  2. Public classes are held at specific dates and timing which are shown on our schedule at the home page.
  3. We have recently released various public class options and packages, please find out more at our rates page.