For kids, learning to snowboard means more than getting into a new sport. It means exploring the outdoors, gaining confidence and developing skills that follow you through the rest of your life. At Urban Ski, it is always a good place to start for your kids to explore their interest in snowboarding in a very safe environment.


Benefits of taking Beginner Lesson

  1. Reinforces muscle memory
  2. Small class numbers
  3. Learn the basics to improve confidence
  4. Front bar to aid balance
  5. Speed can be controlled for safer and more progressive learning
  6. Instructors are able to bring the slope to a gradual stand still via a remote control if necessary, therefore minimising any risk of accidents

What you'll learn

  1. Get familiar with the equipment
  2. Work on being in a balanced body postion
  3. Learn how to snowboard while snowboarding straight down
  4. Learn how to snowboard on heel and toe edge

Benefits of taking Intermediate Lesson

  1. Reinforces muscle memory
  2. Mirror for immediate correction of posture
  3. Revolving slopes simulate endless ski runs, allowing intermediate students to get in realistic length ski runs
  4. Improves fitness and stamina
  5. Instructor close by for continual feedback
  6. Improve confidence, control and technique

What you'll learn

  1. Learn to change direction on heel and toe edge
  2. learn how to traverse (falling leaf) on heel edge then toe edge
  3. Beginning of turning
  4. Learn how to link toe and heel turns
  5. Learn how to brake both heels and toes in turn
  6. Learn how to link turns rhythmically

Benefits of taking Advance Lesson

  1. Reinforces muscle memory
  2. Improves fitness and stamina
  3. At an advanced level, the carpet demands a greater accuracy of technique. Advanced students can look forward to ski or snowboard more dynamically, with edge precision and rotational control

What you'll learn

  1. Demonstrate varying turn sizes and shapes
  2. Perfecting your snowboarding techniques
  3. Learn basic freestyle tricks